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Earnhardt finishes 43rd at Indy

Dale Earnhardt Jr kept hearing how he was still in the Chase for the Nextel Cup. How he could somehow make it into the top ten and win this year.

Those dreams were crushed as the redheaded bastard child hit the infield wall following a restart. Reports say that Mike Skinner got into the back of Earnhardts car.

In a move that will benefit everyone here I've taken the time to make a video of the incident. It can be found here

I don't feel sorry though. I mean how many times has Earnhardt Jr bumped someone? Even Michael Waltrip couldn't escape his wrath.

Now all the NASCAR analysts are saying Earnhardt has been elimiated from the "Chase for the Cup" but I'll still take the time to list the current points.

Earnhardt falls to 16th behind Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth. He's 627 points out of first which makes him 191 points behind Carl Edwards who is currently tenth.
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